Urban Pest Control

BASF offers a catalogue of pest control products,which can be used in hospitals, restaurants, schools, hotels and businesses. Control solutions are based on continuous research and professional support, to help our customers to tackle problems quickly and effectively.

Industrial production plants

Pests can cause whole production lines to shut down. It is therefore imperative to control infestations quickly.

Restaurants, cafés, hotels and food processing

Food products that are stored or prepared, and even waste products, are sources of food for pests which can then contaminate premises and stocks. Protect your businesses by controlling them faster and more effectively.

Schools, childcare, hospitals, residential areas

Health risks due to pest infestation can cause premises to close, create a crisis situation or affect the well-being of staff and residents.

To guard against all these problems, BASF offers a catalogue of effective, innovative and fast solutions to meet your needs.

BASF uses its expertise and resources every day to support its customers and address solve the challenges that pest control professionals face.

BASF offers professionals a wide range of solutions for all insect and rodent pest problems.

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