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BASF Pest Control Solutions UK

Storm® Ultra

Storm® Ultra is a highly effective new addition to the successful line of Storm® products. At least twice as palatable as leading anticoagulant block baits, Storm® Ultra is stable and durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures. Storm® Ultra features a patented formulation employing an innovative BASF binder with superior performance.


Storm® Ultra provides the palatability of a soft block and the durability of a hard block.

  • New, highly palatable formulation; at least twice as palatable as leading anticoagulant block baits
  • Patented formulation employing an innovative BASF binder with superior performance
  • Durable and stable under extreme temperatures
  • Highly effective single-feed bait against rats and mice – also against anticoagulant-resistant strains*
  • Proven single feed flocoumafen efficacy
  • Controls House mice (Mus musculus), Brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) and Black rats (Rattus rattus)
 Anthony O’Hare

Anthony O’Hare

Country Sales Manager

Why Storm® Ultra?

The palatability of a paste with the durability of a block

At least twice as palatable as leading wax block baits

Even in situations where competing food sources are readily available, Storm® Ultra is readily accepted by rats and mice. Superior performance of innovative binder allows for reduced binder content therefore over 80% of the ingredients are human food grade quality, making the bait more readily accepted as a food source by rodents.

Durable and stable in the most extreme conditions

Storm® Ultra can withstand the extreme temperatures often found in both rural and industrial environments. Tested in extreme heat and cold, Storm® Ultra remains stable, durable and effective.

Highly effective, against rats and mice

With its greater palatability and appeal to rats and mice, Storm® Ultra is highly effective against rodent infestations, also against anticoagulant-resistant strains*.

Application techniques

Storm® Ultra must be handled responsibly and in compliance with label directions. Please refer to the approved product label in your country for specific use information.

According to BASF studies

StrainResistance to anticoagulantsMortality
Wild-derived miceSusceptible100%
Wild-derived miceResistance to bromadiolone100%
Wild-derived R. rattusSusceptible100%
Wild-derived R. norvegicusResistance to difenacoum & bromadiolone100%