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BASF Pest Control Solutions UK


High performance non-anticoagulant rodenticide bait for faster control of rodent infestations, even in the most challenging situations.


Selontra® offers extremely high palatability and faster control.

  • Rodent-free is possible in as few as 7 days
  • Saves treatment times and improves productivity
  • Stops the waste of resources
  • Balancing performance and environmental impact
  • Breaks the cycle of resistance
Active substance:0.75 g/kg (0.075% w/w) cholecalciferol 750 ppm
Formulation:Ready-to-use soft block bait (RB)
Pack size:3 kg and 8 kg
For use by:Professionals and trained professionals in urban and rural environments
Usage:in and around buildings
Rodent target species:
  • Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)
  • Black rat (Rattus rattus)
  • House mice (Mus musculus)
Application rate:
  • For rats: 100 g to 140 g (5 to 7 blocks) every 5 - 10 metres
  • For mice: 20 g to 40 g (1 or 2 blocks) every 1 - 2 metres
Selontra lethal dose (LD50 ) per species:
  • Brown rat: 13.7 g = 55% of daily consumption
  • Black rat: 8.6 g = 57% of daily consumption
  • House mice: 1.4 g = 28% of daily consumption
 Anthony O’Hare

Anthony O’Hare

Country Sales Manager

Why Selontra®?

20 g pale-green soft block bait

Effective even where highly attractive food sources are available

Mode of action: the active substance in Selontra® is cholecalciferol, which has a different mode of action to anticoagulants. Rodents stop feeding within the first day after consuming a lethal dose of Selontra®.

Thanks to its unique mode of action and the extremely palatable bait, Selontra® enables you to achieve complete control of even large rodent infestations within as few as 7 days.

Selontra®’s novel formulation was proved to be stable and effective in both dry and humid environments and across both hot and cold temperature extremes. Whatever the weather, Selontra® will perform.

Who will benefit from Selontra®?

With Selontra® it is possible to control rodent infestations in as few as 7 days, up to 3-times faster than with anticoagulants. Therefore, Selontra® is your best choice for all situations, where each day counts:

  • Highly automated industrial production plants
  • Food processing -storage and retail-
  • Restaurants, cafes, and hotels
  • Schools, Kindergartens, Residential areas, hospitals and other sensitive situations

Your customers will be very satisfied when you control the rodents much quicker than before.

Selontra® can reduce the number of visits/inspections needed to control a rodent infestation, reducing treatment costs significantly and saving you time.

When you are dealing with sites that have a high risk of re-invasion and when other methods of control have proven insufficient, Selontra® can be used in a permanent baiting strategy, if permitted in your country.

Industrial production plants (high tech production sites, IT hardware, pharmaceutical and biotechnological production). By gnawing on electrical cables, rodents can cause shortages and shut down entire production lines. For your plant, fast rodent control is at the essence.

Restaurants, cafes, hotels and food processing (storage and retail).

The food you are storing, preparing and even the waste are attractive food sources for rats and mice. These rodents threaten to contaminate your premises. Protect the reputation of your business with quicker and efficient rodent control.

Schools, kinder gardens, hospitals, residential areas.

Thrown-away food is an attractive food source for rats and mice. That is why rodents are often found in and around buildings and facilities. Your school, kindergarten, hospital or residential area requires scrutiny by your pest control service provider. Whenever you detect rodent activity, you need a fast solution.

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