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Formidor® is a ready bait (RB) ready for professional use in the form of an insecticide gel against ants. It acts by way of contact and digestion by the insects in very small doses of application. Ants are attracted by the sweet taste.


Advantages from using the product Formidor®, the high efficacy ant bait for complete colony control.

  • Proven, low dose fipronil efficacy
  • Irresistible honeydew formulation
  • Rapid and complete ant colony control
  • Quick and easy to use indoors and out
 Anthony O’Hare

Anthony O’Hare

Country Sales Manager

Why Formidor®?

Formidor® is a valuable professional insecticide bait that delivers complete and reliable ant control. Its ready to use formulation of proven, high potency insecticide, fipronil offers consistent and lasting effects.

It exploits the natural feeding behaviour of ants to ensure rapid and complete whole colony control. Fourmidor® is quick and easy to apply for a great cost effective treatment

Proven, Low Dose Fipronil Efficacy

Formidor® brings the proven insect killing power and reliability of fipronil to the professional European ant control market. It is well known as being the active ingredient in the leading cockroach bait, Goliath®.

A phenylpyrazole insecticide, fipronil is an extremely potent disruptor of the insect central nervous system, working at very low dose rates and offering a novel mode of action for professional ant control.

In contrast to either organophosphates and carbamates or pyrethroids, fipronil acts on the GABA-regulated chlorine channel between neurons, decreasing the periodic inhibition of electrical impulses and leading to death through over excitation.

Irresistible Rich Formulation

Formidor® is most effective against black garden ants (Lasius niger) and Argentine ant (Linepithema humile).

It is formulated as a rich liquid building on research and experience confirming the particular appeal of liquid, carbohydrate based baits to worker ants.

Irresistible to foraging ants which cannot detect the insecticide active, and maintaining both its attractiveness and effectiveness over an extended period, the bait is readily consumed. It is then rapidly transferred back to the nest to feed the entire colony through the communal food sharing behaviour of trophallaxis.

Rapid and Complete Colony Control

Rapid and Complete Colony Control

The 0.05% concentration of fipronil is carefully balanced to ensure that ants consuming Formidor® have sufficient time to share the palatable rich bait widely throughout the colony before succumbing. Research shows the insecticide begins to have a lethal effect between 12 and 24 hours after ingestion. Adults, larvae and queens consistently die following even low levels of consumption, leading to complete colony collapse within 10-14 days. Activity is more rapid and complete than with other commonly used ant control insecticides.

Quick and Easy to Use Indoors and Out

  • Formidor® comes as a ready to use liquid bait for quick, easy and carefully targeted application to infested areas without the need for dilution or spray equipment
  • Designed for use by professionals both in and around domestic and commercial buildings, it is virtually odourless to humans
  • No special handling requirements, storage measures or application precautions are required to maintain efficacy over its shelf life

Effective Use for the Greatest Value.

  • Formidor® is supplied in convenient 25g packs for the greatest speed and ease of application.
  • It is recommended to apply up to 3 drops of around 3-4 mm in diameter (weighing approximately 0.03g) every meter along ant trails.
  • When used outdoor, the product should be placed in bait stations or applied in cracks and crevices (max. diameter of 5mm) to limit access to non-targets and protect from rainfall.
  • It is advisable to check treated areas 1-2 weeks after the initial application. If complete bait consumption and continued ant activity indicates a particularly large or challenging infestation, a further application may be required.
  • In normal use, each 25g pack of Formidor® will be sufficient to treat infestations extending to around 250 meters of ant runs.