BASF Pest Control Solutions UK

BASF Pest Control Solutions UK


Rural Pest Control

BASF not only provides innovative solutions for farmers to maximise yield, our pest control business also helps protect crops and valuable livestock along the entire food chain. BASF provides a portfolio of research based pest control products, systems and support to help farm businesses effectively solve their rodent and insect problems.

Protecting livestock and crops

BASF’s experts are pioneers in the development of rodenticides and insecticides, supporting the production of healthy and affordable food in the face of today’s environmental, regulatory and pest challenges.

BASF offers integrated pest management solutions for a variety of pests including rodent control in poultry and livestock farms, stored grain and dairy hygiene.

Animal housing

Insects and rodents harm and stress poultry and livestock. They can damage or destroy the structure of facilities.

BASF provides a range of products to protect farm buildings and animal housing from pest infestations.

Storage areas

Protect the seed before planting and crops after harvesting.

BASF rural pest control solutions keeps valuable seed stocks and harvests safe from pests.