Pests represent a significant challenge in the hospitality industry, as an infestation can quickly undermine the reputation of your business, even if control procedures are in place. BASF pest control solutions offer proven and lasting solutions, to protect your business against rodents and other pests.

Usual issues

Health and hygiene

Where there’s food, shelter and water, there are bound to be pests posing a real threat to hygiene. Rodents, cockroaches and flies contaminate the food and waste that can be found in catering establishments. In doing so, they can spread potentially serious diseases to both customers and staff.


Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene is crucial to your catering business. Nobody wants to have their evening out spoiled by being bothered by flies or spotting a cockroach.

Sightings of a pest by customers can spell disaster for the reputation of your establishment, especially if they have been amplified by complaints and unfavourable online reviews.

Impact / risks

Rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and flies are some of the pests that infest cafés, restaurants and bars. Being disease vectors, they can contaminate food stuffs and premises with harmful pathogens. Some of the diseases they can spread include dysentery, salmonella and between dysentery and salmonella. Pests also foul areas with urine and faeces and also by scattering dirt as they scavenge for food.

Reputational damage is costly. It can even be fatal to your business, if customers feel they’re not being offered the level of comfort and hygiene that they expect.

Pests aren’t just bad news for your reputation, they can also literally nibble away at your profits, as they consume and contaminate food destined for your customers.

Added to that is the damage they can inflict on your premises. Rodents can gnaw on cardboard, wood and metal including materials in storage areas or dining room furniture. They can strip electrical cables bare of insulation, posing a risk of power shortage or even fire.

Cafés, bars and restaurants are regularly inspected by regulatory authorities to ensure that they comply with legislation on food hygiene, such as the Food Hygiene Law in the EU. Ultimately, a failed inspection can lead to your business being shut down.

A rodent infestation is one of the top reasons why restaurants fail inspections, even though around 90% of businesses across Europe have a proactive pest management program in place.

Benefits to use BASF products

Proven pest control solutions

Pest controllers choose BASF treatment solutions for their quick effect and long-lasting action, as well as for the speed and convenience of their application. BASF products are especially suited for use in sensitive areas such as commercial kitchens and other premises where food is stored, prepared and served.

Lasting pest control solutions

The cost of recurring pest control operations can be high for the owners of cafés, bars and restaurants. The potency of the active ingredients in BASF products, combined with the baiting expertise of the trained professionals who apply them, cuts down on the number of call-backs required to control an infestation. Integrated pest control management, which includes a range of non-chemical solutions, provides lasting protection against pests.

With BASF solutions, you can be sure that pest infestation will be dealt with thoroughly and speedily, so that you can operate your business safely.