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BASF Pest Control helps maintain safe, healthy and pest-free premises in all settings. Please select one of the following application areas to have more information about the specific challenges, risks and existing solutions.

Pests represent a significant challenge in the hospitality industry, as an infestation can quickly undermine the reputation of your business, even if control procedures are in place.

Pests found in domestic settings can proliferate rapidly, posing a major health hazard to occupants, tenants and holiday makers.

Insects and rodents pose a real health risk to patients in hospitals and clinics. Healthcare providers need to adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards pests.

No one wants to find pests in the office. They can spread diseases, cause distress and lead to lower staff morale.

There are many challenges associated with preventing pests from interrupting the smooth running of public institutions, because of health concerns or damage to the premises.

The wide range of facilities in hotels is particularly challenging when pests start to pose a health risk – rather than just being a nuisance.

The transport infrastructure covers a wide range of busy premises and facilities, each presenting their own challenges in terms of controlling rodents and insects.