Turf Management

Professional turf management is an art form that requires skilled labour, precision and high-performance solutions to be successful. Whether you’re a greenkeeper, agronomist, sod farmer or landscape architect, you need effective products that keep your turf free of diseases, pests and weeds through every season. BASF offers a powerful portfolio of product solutions that can be tailored to meet the demands of all turf landscapes.


Attraxor® is a plant growth regulator for use on managed amenity turf. It reduces shoot growth which lessens the frequency of mowing and the volume of clippings created.

Insignia® is a strobilurin fungicide for the control of Red Thread, moderate control of Fusarium Patch and useful reduction of Dollar Spot in managed amenity turf.

The complete agronomic turfgrass colourants package with high concentration pigment based colourants containing ColorLock technology to ensure long lasting effect while improving turfgrass condition.

Each Nemasys® J pack contains infective juveniles of the species Steinernema feltiae in a water dispersible gel carrier. When mixed with water, the nematodes readily form a suspension that is easily applied to the soil.

Nemasys® G is based on the beneficial nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and provides a rapid control of the larval stages of the Garden chafer in turf.It contains nematodes which actively seek out the chafer or beetle larvae and enter them through their natural openings.

Interview with Manuel Daumann on Attraxor® - BTME 2022’



Create world-class championship conditions with turf treatment programs to be used at the highest levels of the game.


Create and maintain beautiful lawns for your customers throughout the year.


Grow healthy, durable turf that stays that way from start to finish.

Sports turf

Produce optimal playing conditions for any kind of sports turf.

Case studies

A Sussex golf club have explained the advantages of using Attraxor to control Poa Annua and improve grass quality. James Bass, Deputy Course Manager based at Crowborough Beacon Golf Club in East Sussex explains that he has been actively using Attraxor for 18 months and that the course spray Attraxor monthly along with a biological feed programme on the greens.

A Wigan based golf club has explained the key benefits of using Attraxor for the tillering and suppression of Poa annua. Course manager, Andy Birchall, based at Hindley Hall Golf Club in Wigan explains that he has been using Attraxor for the past 18 months on golf greens and tees.

A popular Scottish golf club based in Galston has described why they began using Attraxor and how it has helped with the suppression of Poa annua and an increase in turf quality on their greens. Course manager, Ronnie Montgomery, based at Loudoun Gowf Club in Galston explains that he has been using Attraxor for the past year’s months on golf greens.

A popular Scottish golf club has explained the key benefits of using Attraxor for the tillering and suppression of Poa annua. Head Greenkeeper, Alan McWilliam, based at Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club in southwest Scotland, explains that he has been using Attraxor for the past 12 months on golf greens.

To really understand the point of this article, we need to begin at the end. Assistant Grounds Manager at The Edgbaston Priory Club John Lawrence explains that the 'why' is perhaps the most important part of this article. Knowledge gives us the ability to make informed decisions. However, to understand the reasoning for diving so far in to the 'why' you need to know what we think we've concluded, and for that reason we'll start with our conclusion: "We believe that Attraxor will prove to be the next revolutionary product to become commonplace in the turf manager's arsenal."

Gloucester Rugby Head Groundsman, Stuart Lambert, has had a whirlwind first two years at Kingsholm. His arrival in 2018 came shortly after the pitch moved to a new Hero Hybrid system. Since then he has had to maintain one of rugby’s most iconic pitches through some of the most extreme weather conditions recorded in the UK and a global Coronavirus pandemic.

Dudsbury Golf Club Head Greenkeeper, Warren Moss, has adopted the use of a new plant growth regulator (PGR) to suppress Poa annua and increase the quantity of bent grass on the greens.

A Cotswold golf club has become one of the first to adopt the new plant growth regulator (PGR) Attraxor and is already seeing impressive results.

Press Releases

BASF launched Attraxor® , a new plant growth regulator (PGR) at BTME in Harrogate on January 21st, 2020. The product is new to the UK market and features the powerful active Prohexadione calcium.

BASF launched Attraxor®, a new plant growth regulator (PGR) using the powerful active Prohexadione at BTME in Harrogate in 2020. Since then, the product was also successfully launched in France, Sweden, Ireland and Spain. In the UK, the field of use includes managed amenity turf and amenity grassland including sod farms, sports turf, golf courses, airfields, road and railway…