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Case Study: Using Selontra® to combat resistant rats at a busy cargo port

When pest control officers at Manchester Port Health Authority discovered rats at a busy cargo port that were resistant to first-generation anticoagulant baits, they decided to trial the new cholecalciferol active rodenticide, Selontra®, to combat a growing infestation. Here, we explore how Selontra® helped bring rodent infestation under control and became the main rodenticide used in their permanent baiting strategy.

The Challenge

Pest control within ports is of major importance to public health, controlling the spread of international diseases and preventing the contamination of a ship’s cargo. Yet, due to the very nature of a port, controlling rodents in these environments is incredibly challenging, with food, water and harbourage all readily available.

The team at Manchester Port Health Authority became aware that rats at a large port in the region, handling a range of bulk cargoes including animal feed, were being seen frequently during the day, indicating that the number of rats around the site was increasing drastically.

Initially, the team applied anticoagulant bait in tamper resistant bait boxes around the port, which was surrounded by mixed users including residential, commercial and industrial properties. Initialy, they did see the number of rats diminish as a result. However, it became apparent that the bait being used wasn‘t controlling all of the rats. So it was decided to send two rat tails for genetic analysis to ensure the baits being used were appropriate.

The results identified L128Q mutation (resistance to the first-generation anticoagulants warfarin and coumatetralyl) on the main port, and Y139F mutation (resistance resistance to the first-generation anticoagulants warfarin and coumatetralyl and the second generation anticoagulants bromadiolone and difenacoum) on the adjoining site. As such, they needed a non-anticoagulant solution to combat the resistant rats.

The Result

After hearing of ist launch at PestEx, the Manchester Port Health Authority team decided to trial Selontra® - a new rodenticide which uses the active cholecalciferol and offers a highly palatable and fast-acting formulation.

Joined by specialists from the BASF team, they applied seven blocks of Selontra® to the existing bait boxes located on the site. In total, 504 blocks were applied to 72 secure bait boxes throughout the port.

Andrea Smith, Chief Port Health Officer, commented on the results: “We saw some really impressive results around the site in a matter of weeks, with no reports of rats being seen on site, less burrows being identified, and a significant reduction in the population without the need for more potent anticoagulant poisons.“

She added; “The potential for reinfestation is always high in an environment like a port, thanks to readily available food sources, surrounding uses and the waterway. As a result, Selontra® has now become a key product in our ongoing rodent management programme, and we are delighted to be able to control the rodents without adding to resistance in the area“..“

As Selontra® is suitable for permanent baiting, it has now become the main rodenticide used in Manchester Port Health Authority’s permanent baiting strategy, transforming the way rodents are controlled at the busy port and helping to protect public health.

About Selontra®

  • Rodent-free is possible in as few as seven days
  • Saves treatment times and improves productivity
  • Stops the waste of resources
  • Balancing performance and environmental impact
  • Breaks the cycle of resistance

Selontra® is a revolutionary rodenticide bait, controlling infestations in rural and urban settings in as few as seven days.

Its high performance, non-anticoagulant formulation controls up to 100% of target rodents, including resistant rats and mice, breaking the cycle of resistance.

Selontra®’s unique active ingredient, cholecalciferol, is neither persistent in the environment nor bio-accumulative, reducing the secondary toxicity to non-target wildlife like birds of prey, without lessening its effect on rodents.

Importantly, it’s four times more palatable than most rodenticides, making it a powerful solution for controlling infestations even when alternative attractive food sources are readily available.

Selontra® is stable and durable enough to withstand both cold climates and extreme heat, whatever the weather.