Storage Areas

Raided goods, damaged facilities, distressed staff, these are just some of the problems pests can cause in your warehouse or storage facility. Implementing an effective pest management strategy, based on expert help and BASF products, will go a long way to protect your business against rodents and insects.

Usual issues

A hidden danger

The presence of pests in storage areas might remain undetected, with the result that contaminated materials could be processed before a pest problem has been identified. Worse, contaminated finished products could be shipped, unbeknown to the storage operator. In either scenario, remedial action is sure to be a costly business. Litigation may also ensue, where poor pest management led to an infestation.

Impact / risks

Pests such as cockroaches, stored product pests, ants, rats and mice all spread diseases. In fact rats, are known to carry more than 200 pathogens and to spread 45 diseases to humans. Food contamination by pests can lead to a range of serious conditions including dysentery, salmonellosis and eye infections, to name just a few.

The presence of pests is a health risk factor for warehouse staff and also to the wider public, if contaminated goods leave the premises.

Infestation in a storage area doesn’t just pose a health hazard, it also means considerable expense. Fumigation in a warehouse might entail an entire area being sealed off and tackling the infestation can be time-consuming. The ensuing delay for clients is likely to dent confidence in your storage facilities, posing a further risk of losing future business.

Insects and rodents don’t just eat food intended for humans, their appetite can extend to cardboard, textile and wood. This means that a whole range of non-food goods held in storage may also be at risk.

The ability of mealworms and other stored product insects to chew through a variety of materials is second only to that of rats and mice. Rodents can gnaw through just about anything, including metal fixtures and equipment. They need to grind their incisors down continuously so the very fabric of your storage buildings can come under their attack, generating costly repairs.

All businesses need to protect the health and safety of their workers. Storage areas and warehouses are no exception. In addition, as an integral part of the production and supply chains, they need to comply with relevant standards and legislation, which depend on the sector they are operating in. Food storage in Europe, for instance, has to meet the food safety standards set by the EU. Under this legislation, pest control is mandatory and infringement could ultimately lead to business closure.

Other industries operate under different standards, but whatever the sector, the rules relating to safety and hygiene invariably include effective pest control as a prerequisite.

Benefits to use BASF products

BASF products for quick knock down

Pest activity can go unnoticed for a long time. That’s why it’s important for storage facilities to enlist the help of trained pest controllers who are experienced in spotting droppings, cast insect skins, eggs and also vulnerable access points into storage areas. Nonetheless, despite prevention and proofing methods, rodent and insect infestations do occur occasionally and prompt action is required. Thanks to the features of their active ingredients, BASF pest control solutions can achieve quick knock-down of insects, whilst also providing residual protection.

BASF products for peace of mind

When your storage operations are under siege from pests, you need the reassurance that best-in-class solutions are being used to deal with your infestation problem. BASF prides itself on its rodenticide and insecticide tried and trusted market leaders.