Pests in a factory can harm the health of your workers and damage your production infrastructure. An integrated pest management strategy, carried out in partnership with trained professional pest controllers who use BASF treatment solutions, will help you protect production lines.

Usual issues

Disruption to operations

There are many ways in which pests can hamper the production process. For instance, rats, mice and insects can contaminate raw materials and cause significant damage to machinery and buildings. Effective pest control helps to ensure that no time is lost and no additional expense is incurred in addressing pest-related problems.

Poor impressions

Visitors to a production plant typically expect spotless facilities and a pleasant environment. Encountering a colony of ants on the production floor is unlikely to make a favourable first impression, as it suggests insufficient attention to hygiene.

Impact / risks

Factories offer rodents and insects many areas where they can shelter, sometimes undetected. Dining areas and offices, where staff might eat lunch or snacks, offer prime locations for pests in search of food.

The health hazards these pests represent for staff are primarily linked to the harmful pathogens they can spread. Common pests such as rodents, flies and cockroaches can spread an alarmingly large number of unpleasant and dangerous diseases.

Disruptions in the manufacturing process can take many forms including the depletion of raw material stocks, damage to machinery and power outages.

Rodents can be responsible for all of these incidents, as they rip through cardboard packaging, gnaw through wood and plastic, and even strip electrical wires of their insulation, often causing power outages and sometimes electrical fires.

Pest-related damage can lead to production downtime or product recall, if the safety of the manufactured goods can no longer be guaranteed.

These costly incidents quickly add up to a significant hike in operational costs and lost business.

Operators of manufacturing facilities have a duty to keep their workforce healthy and safe. Food hygiene standards need to be met, and health and safety legislation in the workplace needs to be complied with.

Good manufacturing practices, often enshrined in industry-wide standards, typically identify effective pest management as an essential element of a safe and healthy production environment.

Benefits to use BASF products

Solutions for complete control

One of the key challenges in industrial production facilities is to maintain the continuity of operations, given the cost that unscheduled downtime can represent. The services provided by professional pest controllers are therefore invaluable in monitoring and proofing premises against vermin. In the event of a pest infestation nonetheless occurring, pest controllers can reassure their client that the proven efficacy of BASF treatment solutions will result in complete and timely control.

Solutions for multiple pest control challenges

Manufacturing premises each present their own maintenance and cleaning challenges: protecting stocks of raw materials from insects, ensuring your washrooms harbour no undesirables such as cockroaches or preventing rodents accessing your production lines. BASF pest control solutions, associated with the advice and expertise provided by trained professionals, can protect your business against pest-related harm.