BASF Pest Control Solutions UK
BASF Pest Control Solutions UK

Storm® Ultra Secure

Provides the palatability of a soft block and the durability of a hard block.

We at BASF understand your pest control needs and provide a range of innovative solutions to control rodent pests. BASF has developed a new rodent bait that provides the palatability of a soft block and the durability of a hard block, combining the best of both.

Customer´s needs

Improved palatability, dependable control and reliable stability in extreme climates.

BASF is committed to providing innovative solutions for urban and rural pest control.
Storm® Ultra is a palatable product, providing pest control operators with a fast and reliable solution to control the toughest rodent infestations.

Storm® Ultra - Addressing the urgent needs of the market

Storm<sup>®</sup> Ultra - Addressing the urgent needs of the market

  • More Palatable. Even with attractive alternative food sources available.
  • Effective. Highly effective against rats and mice including those resistant to anticoagulants.*
  • Durable and Stable. Works well in extreme temperatures.

Pest management professionals and the general public now have a highly effective, durable solution.

Storm® Ultra – Benefits at one glance

  • New, highly palatable formulation; at least twice as palatable as leading anticoagulant block baits
  • Patented formulation employing an innovative BASF binder with superior performance
  • Durable and stable under extreme temperatures
  • Highly effective single-feed bait against rats and mice – also against anticoagulant-resistant strains*
  • Improved human health profile by reducing the active substance from 50 to 25 ppm (parts per million)

More Palatable. Even with attractive alternative food sources available

Unlike conventional block baits Storm® Ultra contains an innovative BASF binder instead of wax. As less binder is required, more palatable ingredients can be used in the formulation, making it more appealing than many wax-based rodenticides. Storm® Ultra is very appealing to rats and mice, including situations where attractive alternative food sources are readily available.

Highly effective against rats and mice

Once rodents invade, they reproduce quickly, consume and contaminate food sources, spread lifethreatening diseases and damage and destroy structural facilities. If an infestation continues, the rodent population can rapidly escalate, causing exponential damage to operations and business. In this situation you want to rely on Storm Ultra's outstanding performance and features:

  • Single Feed.
    Controls rats and mice in a single feed, including those strains resistant to anticoagulants.

  • Less Bait.
    Less bait is required compared to mutli-feed anticoagulant baits.

  • Reliable Control.
    Enables you to gain full control, even in challenging situations.

  • New formulation.
    Reduced active substance, meeting the new regulatory requirements for general public, while increasing effectiveness.

Durable and Stable. Works well in extreme temperatures

Outstanding performance also in extreme hot and cold climates compared to many wax based baits. The temperature extremes often found in farming and industrial environments will not affect the stability and effectiveness of Storm® Ultra. No significant effect on the palatability of Storm® Ultra was observed after the extreme humidity, heat and cold tests.

Frost stability

  • After 1 week in the freezer Storm® Ultra Secure acquired a hard, frozen texture, which was readily and fully reversible when returned to ambient temperatures.

  • Palatability was measured afterwards and no significant differences to the blocks prior to freezing could be detected.

Heat stability

  • After 5 hours at 77°C there was no melting of Storm® Ultra Secure, while competitor blocks lost significant amounts of oil, darkened in color, appeared oily on the surface and/or blocks broke down completely.

  • Palatability post 1 week at 77°C was only slightly affected and there was no effect on efficacy.

* According to BASF studies.