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Green Lawnger® is the original turf and divot mix colourant. Green Lawnger® is the only choice turf colourant for use on stadia sports turf or for areas of use where an instant green-up is required and impact sports are played. Once applied, the high amount of resin ensures that the green pigment sticks to the leaf and is not transferred to skin or clothing. Green Lawnger® has been used extensively to colour pitches at the world’s leading sports venues.


  • Instant green-up
  • Flexible rate to achieve colour required
  • Long lasting divot mix/sand colourant
  • Can be used all year round
 Anthony O´Hare

Anthony O´Hare

Country Sales Manager

Why Greenlawnger?

  • Long lasting formulation, lasts up to 10-14 weeks
  • Contains ColorLock™ resin technology to ensure strong leaf adhesion
  • Natural green colour
  • Contains a high concentration of binder to ensure strong leaf adhesion

Where to buy Green Lawnger

Agrovista UK Limited

Phone: 01952 897910

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