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Green Lawnger® TR

Green Lawnger® TR is a pigment-based turf colourant that is used to improve turf quality in late Autumn and early Spring (transition phases). The mix of black and green pigments in Green Lawnger® TR allows increased absorption of solar radiation to the applied surface, increasing surface temperatures. This effect can extend the playing season during the tur transition phases. Green Lawnger® TR can also be applied to snow and ice covering turf to accelerate thawing.

Used as an alternative to overseeding applications Green Lawnger® TR give a pleasing dark green appearance to the dormant or semi dormant grass, without the cost of tradition overseeding practices.


  • Promotes early spring growth/green-up of cool season grasses
  • Helps to extend turf growth in the autumn
  • Accelerates spring thaw of snow and ice
  • Alternative to overseeding
  • Creates a uniform dark green sward
 Anthony O´Hare

Anthony O´Hare

Country Sales Manager

Why Green Lawnger® TR?

  • Lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Contains ColorLock™ resin technology to provide resistance to undesirable colour shifts
  • Easy to spray formulation
  • Dark green colour

Where to buy Green Lawnger TR

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Phone: 01952 897910

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