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Green Lawnger® PRO HC

Green Lawnger® Pro HC is a revolutionary visual spraying aid and turf colourant that contains natural pigments (not dyes). Once applied to the leaf, the pigment technology in Green Lawnger® Pro HC provides instant green-up at the most economical cost per hectare.

Green Lawnger® Pro HC can be used on any type of turf grass, however, it should not be used on sports turf where impact sports are played e.g., football or rugby, in these situations Green Lawnger® should be used.


  • Increases turf quality and playability during periods of slow growth
  • Increases turf colour in the spring, summer and autumn
  • Superior spray pattern indicator performance
  • Instant improvement to the turf appearance
  • Creates a natural looking appearance to turf
 Anthony O´Hare

Anthony O´Hare

Country Sales Manager

Why Green Lawnger® PRO HC?

  • Long lasting formulation, lasting up to 6 weeks
  • Tank mixable with a wide range of plant protection products
  • Contains ColorLock™ resin technology to ensure strong leaf adhesion
  • Natural green colour

Where to buy Green Lawnger Pro HC

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Phone: 01952 897910

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