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Storm® Pasta


Storm® Pasta is the most potent single feed rat killer. Storm® Pasta brings the unparalleled rat killing power of flocoumafen to all-round rodent control. Exclusive to Storm® Pasta, flocoumafen is up-to five times more powerful than the most popular Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) bromadiolone and difenacoum. Storm® Pasta is the high palatable block solution for faster all-round rat an mouse control.


Storm® Pasta – The soft block solution for faster all-round rat and mouse control

  • Exceptional palatability without added odours for rapid and complete uptake.
  • Effective protection against spillage & weather for use in a wide variety of situations.
  • Excellent-measured dose convenience with good securability for non-target species protection.
  • Especially valuable: in dry environments, where competition from other food sources is high and with rodents reluctant to feed on grain-based baits.

Making the most of Storm®

The single feed power of Storm® Pasta allows it to be effective in simple treatment programmes requiring markedly less bait and fewer visits than traditional multi-feed rodenticide regimes.

Rather than having to put out relatively large amounts of bait initially and to top them up every few days in at least the first two weeks of traditional treatment regimes for the greatest success, reliable control with Storm® Pasta only requires strictly limited amounts of rodenticide put out weekly.

Storm® Pasta baiting in this way prevents the first rats and mice feeding at any stage consuming far more than a lethal dose of rodenticide, allowing less dominant later-feeding individuals access to the bait as rapidly and reliably as possible once their more dominant early-feeding contemporaries are dead or dying.

Where infestations are severe an extra visit to check and re-fill Storm® Pasta bait points is recommended between Day 0 and 7 of the treatment programme.

As well as using markedly less bait than the traditional baiting regimes essential with less powerful rodenticides, simple Storm® Pasta baiting reduces the number of visits required for the most reliable control to further minimize the overall cost of treatment.

Much less bait in the environment also helps to minimize the risk to non-target species.

For use in and around buildings.

Following detailed consideration of SGAR use by the Health & Safety Executive and the development of a Stewardship Scheme by the industry, Storm® Pasta is no longer confined to indoor use in the UK.

Instead, it can now legally be used around as well as inside buildings.

This allows Storm® Pasta to make a valuable contribution to general rat as well as indoor mouse control across the country, as has long been the case in other parts of Europe.

Effective even against resistant strains

Storm® Pasta is highly effective against strains of rats and mice resistant to other SGARs and first generation actives like warfarin. Its exceptional potency means no practical resistance has either been detected nor is anticipated in either rats or mice.

Storm® Pasta activity against resistant rodents.

The fact that Storm® Pasta will give reliable control of even such challenging populations makes it especially valuable where resistance is known or suspected.

Used strategically alongside other less powerful rodenticides, it can also form an important element in anti-resistance strategies.

Population MortalityMaximum Time to Death
Hampshire difenacoum & bromadiolone tolerant rats 100% 7 days
Berkshire difenacoum & bromadiolone resistant rats 100% 6 days
Bromadiolone resistant mice colony 100% 11 days

Helen Ainsworth

UK Country Sales Manager