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BASF Pest Control Solutions UK

Sorexa® D

Sorexa® D is made from canary seed bait for mouse control. It is extremely palatable to mice which ensures good bait take, ideal for treating high populations in areas where competitive food is already available.


Sorexa® D is especially valuable where mice are proving hard to control with standard grain baits.

  • High quality canary seed bait for consistent control
  • Exceptionally palatable to mice
  • Thorough rodenticide impregnation
  • Active mould protection
 Anthony O’Hare

Anthony O’Hare

Country Sales Manager

Why Sorexa® D?

What does Sorexa® D control?

Throughout the UK, the house mouse loses heat very easily and usually lives in buildings and structures which protect it from the cold & wet. Although in drier, warmer weather and in locations with hot climates, it may remain exclusively out of doors and be found away from buildings.

It lives and breeds anywhere which can provide the three essentials for survival - food, water and suitable harbourage. This includes garden sheds and other small discreet areas.

The ultimate canary seed bait for mouse control.

Advanced formulation of the mouse’s favourite food for maximum uptake

in any situation with active mould protection for extended efficacy.

Special impregnation process ensuring thorough difenacoum distribution throughout the seed, with less than half a gram typically required to deliver a lethal dose.

How to use Sorexa® D

  • Place Sorexa® D in many bait points of 10-20g in dry locations, 1-2 meters apart whenever there are signs of infestation
  • Inspect baits frequently, ensuring all eaten baits are replenished and continue until they are left untouched