BASF Pest Control Solutions UK
BASF Pest Control Solutions UK

Neosorexa® Gold

Neosorexa® Gold is a ready-to-use rodenticide for the control of mice, brown rats and black rats including strains resistant to other anticoagulants.


Neosorexa® Gold achieves superior control under a wide range of baiting conditions

  • Multi-purpose, cut wheat bait for effective and consistent control
  • Extremely palatable with Fortec™ technology for increased bait consumption
  • A lethal dose consumed within just one day
  • Proven superior performance to conventional baits
 Anthony O’Hare

Anthony O’Hare

Country Sales Manager

Why Neosorexa® Gold?

Neosorexa® Gold is a mixture of foraging grains and cut wheat contained within the rodent bait. It is the first rodent bait to use Fortec™ technology which improves the palatability for rats and mice, reducing rodents natural neophobia to the introduction of something new to their environment.

What is Fortec™?

Extensive foraging grain research and studies of rodent behavior have established an understanding of the key elements in food or feed that makes it appealing to rodents so that they eat more of it. Based on these insights BASF has developed and patented the Fortec™ technology which is built into Neosorexa® Gold and leads to significantly increased bait take.

Also, this considerable improves the likelihood of rats and mice eating the rodenticide by making foraging grains more appealing to them. The key to the technology lies in making the added grains sufficiently different from the bulk of the rodent bait in size, shape, color, smell, taste and texture. Also important is the amount and quality of grain in the rat and mouse bait and the subtlety of the bait flavor.

How to use rat and mouse bait

When signs of rats or mice are seen, survey your premises inside and out to determine the extent and location of the rodent infestation.

  • Check for rat runs along walls and in vegetation around buildings
  • Check for rat holes, especially near water, up to 100 m away
  • Check inside buildings for damage and rodent droppings
  • Check for vermin tracks in dust and mud

For rat control:

Place up to 200 g of the Neosorexa® Gold bait every 5 to 10 meters in dry locations within the infested area, near burrows, on runways and where rat droppings have been seen. Rat poison must be covered to prevent access by children, animals or birds. Use covers constructed from drainpipes, open-ended boxes, or sheets of metal or wood secured at an angle against a wall.

For mice control:

Place up to 30 g of the Neosorexa® Gold bait 1-2 meters apart where there are signs of activity such as mouse droppings, gnawing or tracks. Protect baits as indicated above. Inspect mouse baits frequently, replacing eaten bait as required. If a mouse bait point is completely consumed, increase the quantity and replenish until bait is left untouched by the vermin.

The bait should be placed in tamper resistant bait stations or covered and protected bait points.