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BASF Pest Control Solutions UK

Neosorexa® Bait Block

Neosorexa® Bait Block allows effective rodent control in an easy to use formulation, reliable and economical.


Neosorexa® Bait Blocks are especially valuable where bait needs to be fixed and in damp or humid conditions.

  • Low wax, compressed fixable bait blocks for consistent control
  • Palatable and durable
  • No spillage risk
  • Quick, easy and secure to use
 Anthony O’Hare

Anthony O’Hare

Country Sales Manager

Why Neosorexa® Bait Block?

Containing 0.005% difenacoum, Neosorexa® is a reliable multi-feed bait block to be used by professional pest controllers. It has been designed to be fixed to bait stations, with mould protection and water-fastness making it especially useful in damp and humid conditions.

Potent All-Round Multi-Feed Rodenticides

Neosorexa® contains the high potency active ingredient difenacoum which was invented as the first of the second generation anticoagulant rodenticides.

Less toxic to most non-target species than the more potent single-feed rodenticides, it has one of the highest potencies against rats and mice in its’ class.

Although difenacoum baits typically require two or more feeds to deliver a lethal dose, BASF’s quality raw materials manufacturing and advanced formulation technology ensures sufficient rat and mouse consumption to make them deadly in the least possible time.

High palatability of baits is essential to ensure rats and mice consume a lethal dose of rodenticide as rapidly and reliably as possible; especially with the range of other foods readily available on most sites.

Neosorexa® Bait Block Highly palatable, notably low wax compressed difenacoum grain bait blocks

  • Active mould protection for extended indoor and outdoor rat and mouse control efficacy.
  • Pre-measured doses allowing quick and easy placement and removal with no danger of spillage or wastage
  • Central hole for secure fixing in baiting points.
  • Especially valuable where bait needs to be fixed and in damp or humid conditions.