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Sorgene® Xtra

Sorgene® Xtra is a very powerful broad spectrum environmental disinfectant for the control of disease-causing micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and fungal spores of commercial importance. Its unique advanced formulation is based upon a stabilized blend of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Sorgene® Xtra is non-staining and non-tainting.


Sorgene® Xtra is a broad-spectrum disinfectant which can make a considerable contribution to disease prevention and improved production.

  • DEFRA approved (Foot-and-mouth disease, Swine vesicular disease, Poultry diseases including avian influence, influenza of avian origin in mammals, Newcastle disease, paramyxovirus, General orders)
  • Highly effective in any animal housing situation
  • Rapid acting and quick results. All buildings and housing can be re-stocked soon after application
  • Biodegradable – breaks down after use and leaves no residues, so no rinsing is necessary
  • Cost-effective to use – General disinfection (all accommodation areas, machinery, feeding equipment, hatcheries) dilution rate is 1:250
 Anthony O´Hare

Anthony O´Hare

Country Sales Manager

Why Sorgene® Xtra?

Diseases can spread as easily as muck on a busy farm. An effective biosecurity routine, using Sorgene® Xtra , can prevent the spread of infection to cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. Disinfection is a vital means of ensuring sources of infection brought from outside the farm on both people and vehicles do not present a risk. Sorgene® Xtra can also be used for foot dips and the disinfection of the inside of trailers and vehicles.


UK farmers lose more than £100 million a year to mastitis. Dipping or flushing the cluster between milkings with Sorgene® Xtra reduces mastitis by controlling its spread from cow to cow and it does not taint milk because it contains no phenols.

The cluster is one of the biggest contributors to the spread of bacteria between cows. Cluster dipping or flushing can play a vital role in reducing the spread of mastitis during milking. In practice it has been shown to reduce cell counts by 200,000 cells/ml over two years. Make Sorgene® Xtra a part of your milking routine.


The lambing shed is an ideal environment for breeding bacteria. You can protect against unnecessary lambing loss with Sorgene® Xtra.

First class hygiene at lambing is one of the simplest and most economic ways of reducing the number of lambs lost. With one third of all lamb losses in lowland flocks occurring during the neonatal period and a good proportion of these resulting from disease, the best possible protection against infections at this critical time is Sorgene® Xtra.


Poultry farms are wide open to bacterial, fungal and viral diseases such as salmonella and gumboro. Sorgene® Xtra can help prevent the entry and spread of diseases in your flock. Sorgene® Xtra has been approved as a disinfectant for disease prevention including avian influenza, influenza of avian origin in mammals, Newcastle disease, paramyxovirus at a dilution rate of one part of this preparation plus 145 parts of water. For diseases of poultry orders in the proportion of 1 part Sorgene® Xtra to 200 parts of water.


Modern pig production units of any type are vulnerable to disease and, in situations where stock levels are high, the opportunity for disease to spread between animals is greatly increased.

Animals, humans, food, water and the housing itself are all vectors through which disease can be spread and the importance of good biosecurity and effective disinfection play a vital role in disease control.

Sorgene® Xtra is key to preventing disease in farrowing houses, weaner pens and fattening houses. It is effective against Blue Ear (PRRS) at 1:100 and recommended for the control of Trycophyton, the cause of Ringworm in pigs, at 1:200. Furthermore it can be used to prevent swine vesicular disease at 1:25 as well as for pig accommodation areas with a dilution rate of 1:200.

Small animals and horses

Sorgene® Xtra can make a considerable contribution to disease prevention and promote healthy conditions in stables, animal boxes, kennels and catteries.

Effective against canine parvovirus, equine flu, herpes, strangles, metritis as well as other viruses and bacterial diseases at a dilution rate of 1:100.