BASF Pest Control Solutions UK

BASF Pest Control Solutions UK


Stinging Insects

BASF provides pest management professionals with innovative solutions to control stinging insects.

Stinging insects are a big nuisance as not only are the stings painful, but roughly 25% of all Europeans are allergic to the stings which can result in the need for medical attention, and in some cases hospitalization.

When dealing with active pest conditions, choosing the right products and application techniques can make all the difference.

The first step would always be to identify the pest infestation and find the nest. Within the category of the stinging insects these could be bees, wasps, hornets etc.

Stinging insects can be found nesting in open exposed nests, enclosed nests, in voids in and around the structure or even underground e.g. under rocks.

It’s especially important to choose an approach that complements, rather than interferes with preventative maintenance efforts.


Fendona® 6SC

Fendona® 6SC

The first choice professional spray treatment. A high performance residual insecticide with rapid knockdown.

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