BASF Pest Control Solutions UK

BASF Pest Control Solutions UK


Livestock Housing

BASF provides a portfolio of research-based pest control products, systems and support to help farm businesses effectively solve their rodent and insect problems.

Livestock and poultry facilities and their adjacent feed storage are a complex and challenging environment when it comes to pest control. With the abundance of food, water, places to hide, access to litter and bedding material, livestock and poultry facilities attract a variety of pests which can cause significant problems. Pests that are commonly found in livestock and poultry facilities include rats, mice, house flies, stable flies, poultry red mites and litter beetles.

Rats, being the most destructive mammals on earth, consuming or contaminating 20% of the world’s agricultural products, are causing enormous amounts of damage to farm buildings and spreading life-threatening diseases to animals and humans. Rats and mice adapt rapidly to diverse conditions and are known to have developed physiological or behavioural resistance to toxins, including less potent anticoagulants. They are both tough and resourceful.

Insects in and around livestock and poultry housing can be very aggravating to both the animals and the farmer, they can exacerbate unsanitary conditions and most importantly, they can serve as vectors for many diseases, threatening the health of the livestock and poultry and reducing their productivity.

The health of the stock, the cleanliness of the feed and good conditions of shelter for the livestock animals are essential to the farmer’s business and his profitability—but rodent infestations can threaten them all. To control pest infestations, effective solutions are needed that the farmer can count on. Increasing food safety and farm assurance standards place particular emphasis on preventing all pest infestations around livestock animals and poultry. BASF offers fast, effective and convenient solutions for pest control in and around buildings.


Sorgene® Xtra

Sorgene® Xtra

Sorgene® Xtra is a very powerful broad spectrum environmental disinfectant for the control of disease-causing micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and fungal spores of commercial importance.

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